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A Sony Walkman was — some thirty-five years ago — a revolutionary piece of technology. Small, lightweight, and beautiful, it was music on the go. We made mixed tapes, gifted them to buddies and to our first romantic interests. Many of us still have stacks of tapes in the attic.

We all use Search. Every Day. Most of us use one search engine only. Type a keyword or two, get a result list, look at the results — most of us never go beyond the first three results. If not satisfied, redo with another keyword combination. Most of us never…


A leading American investment banking and financial services firm.


Every day the firm’s analysts and investment banking professionals need to sift through hundreds of earnings reports, new research and other news items covering their field of investment.

Today this is mostly a manual process. A lot of valuable…


Refinitiv, formerly the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters, partners with Squirro.


Refinitiv provides the ultimate source of financial data on companies worldwide. Consumed through specific interfaces or feeds the challenge was to integrate these data sets into a CRM context.


Squirro renders all of Refinitiv data in context of a CRM object view such as Accounts, Leads, Contacts, etc. The whole breadth of Refinitiv coverage is automatically available in context of the primary workbench of any accont or client executive.


The result is an enhanced and more sticky CRM experience. Company background information, financial data, market estimates are available without any search.

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Read more on our joint offering with Refinitiv.

This is the first of a series of short vignettes on use cases delivered with Squirro.


Top tier global US banking group.


The customer has a CRM landscape with >12 different CRMs. Data is siloed, a client relationship manager has no complete client view leading to partial and…

Co-authored by Leon Saunders Calvert, Global Head of Capital Markets & Advisory, Thomson Reuters

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in investment banking is an immensely powerful tool for unlocking customer insight.

1. AI in investment banking can strengthen the opportunities in areas such as mergers and acquisitions by unlocking the customer insight

I believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is a truly impactful technology. The raw computing power available in 2018 allows organizations to unlock the insight from the big data they hold and deliver a better experience to their customer than they ever thought imaginable.

Yet as AI stands on the threshold…

Banking organisations and insurance companies, financial services in short, are an industry that is both fast-paced and highly competitive. It’s no exaggeration to state that there is more data in FS than most other industries can even contemplate, let alone use in any meaningful sense. …

The cover story of the May 6th, 2017 issue of The Economist boldly proclaimed data as “the world’s most valuable resource,” which is a new reality that has taken shape over the years.

Technology used to be all about products, but the 1990s brought about the rise of products and…

Only 8% of businesses make more than 50% of their decisions based on data4. Yet all businesses create vast amounts of data. Why do businesses of all sizes make so little use of data?

At a recent Swiss Cognitive event a group of executives met to discuss this challenge and…


Co-founder & CEO @squirro, rail aficionado, tbd…

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